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Here is a set of 6 scientifically-designed books for learning English language and personality development. The set is a result of the years of relentless research and field experience by the author. They are self-study books with an aim to provide you with cutting-edge skills over other competing learners. In this era of cut-throat competition, where English has become another name of success, it is very important to keep ahead or at least abreast of other learners. This could be realized only through right guidance and apt training. This unique set of six (T6) does precisely the same work for you. It trains you, guides you, nurses you, and motivates you. T6 will not just help you gain good command over English, but also in building your personalities. It is engrained with the elements that will effectively pull you from the stage of a beginner to that of break-free fluency. And that too in a very short span of time! The books have been presented in a very lucid form. The language is kept simple and easy-to-understand, that even a beginner will not find any difficulty in using them. Step-by-step explanation has been given to guide you through the course smoothly and with ease. These self-study books are ideal to be used at home. They themselves are sufficient to help you learn English, easily and efficiently. With these books you will not ever need the help of a tutor. Just an hour a day with them will solve your all English issues. These books have been crafted for a wide range of learners. They are equally useful for the beginners as well as the advanced learners. For students preparing for competitive examinations and English proficiency-tests, such as, IELTS, TOFEL, etc. would find the books immensely useful. The set has been developed employing a 360-degree learning approach. All the individual sub-units are woven around some specific topics and learning areas. Together they form a single unit: an integrated system of learning and development. The first book deals with the linguistic issues of Basic English. It implants in the learners the very nucleus of English language. For a lofty growth in language learning, it is quite necessary to lay a solid foundation. This book helps learners build on the very important aspect of language: the fundamentals of English language. The second book helps you master over English grammar. Grammar essentially is the rule of a language. Unless you understand the rule, your chance of winning a game will remain thin. For correct usage of English language – both in writing and speaking - it is essential to understand the nuts and bolts of English grammar. The book addresses the grammatical issues of English language in a scientific and practical manner. The grammar learnt through this book will remain with the learners forever. The third book is very important in the respect that it helps you glide over the language in your daily life. With this book your English starts doing job for you. You begin interacting with your friends and others in English confidently. The book aims to provide you break-free fluency in your daily communication, as well as in job interviews, presentation and other business dealings. The fourth book deals with Vocabulary. For a standard piece of write-up and speech, the command over vocabulary is a must. Your English can not sound enriching and impressive unless you have got a good range of vocabularies on your finger tips. The vocabulary indeed enriches one’s language. This book helps you achieve the goal of vocabulary building with quite an ease. The fifth book deals with Personality Development. Personality is a sum total of your communication skill, behaviour, body language, inter-personal skill and others. In the last few decades, this has become an important area of learning and research. A good personality always keeps you ahead in the race of life. You career advancements rests to a great deal on your personality. This book precisely deals with these issues. Having gone through the book, you will experience a surge of new energy and enthusiasm in your personality, which will make you completely a new you. The sixth and the last set of the series deals with Relationship Development. The book tells you how to maintain and carry on good relationships with your family members, friends, colleagues and seniors. Relationship development is a key to success and happiness in life. It is also an important contributor to personality development. The book will set pace for your development and provide you with skills of winning in life.