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SAIFIA basic level english course is designed by it's experts Mr. M. K. Saify. At T6 specifically to meet the needs of people who struggle with English speaking skills making a frustrating experience for both themselves and the listener, This module will help you learn new words, refine pronunciation and make you communicate in real life situation. In short, if you have a very little knowledge of English and would like to speak more naturally - the way its really spoken - then this course is perfect for you. Here how it works. The First 2 Lession will cover the topic that you are most likely to deal within your Real life - everything from personal Introduction, introducing others, shopping to meeting old friends.

Being an advanced English speaker, especially if English is not your native dialect, gives a broad spectrum of opportunities in different fields and doors for success. The fields can be in education, communication, business, jobs, entertainment, and even camaraderie with different people. Obviously, learning English does not only apply for working class. it's for all Also, the language is considered the international language. English is ubiquitous - in other words, it can be found everywhere. And that's why learning and using English effectively is our concern. Mr. Saifi The chairperson of Saifia International Foreign Language Research Centre has introduced T6 Shiksha Amrit in which lession 3 & 4rth are based on Advance Spoken English. Now English is no more abstacles, its on your door step, be ready for future and become the part of Saifia.


Comprehensive English means reading, writting, listing and speaking, Now Saifia makes you available all these at one stop T6 where first two (1 & 2) lession based on basic english, next two (3 & 4)lession best on advance english and last two (5 & 6) lession Personality development and Relationship development based on complete fluent and behavioral skill English language has become one of the most important language and hence perfecting it is the need of the hour. Join the Saifia Spoken classes and sharpen your English communication skills!