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SAIFIA International Institute of Foreign Language Research Centre offers highly interactive contact center training for customer care and Tele Caller professionals. Our courses focus on pronunciation voice accent such critical areas as improving service levels, increasing employee engagement, optimizing operations, and raising the overall value of the center and consequently, the overall value of your organization.

The Voice and Accent Training Course Launched by Saifia focuses on Accent Neutralization and teaches the English Accent through Accent Training so that participants are able to speak with, as well as comprehend their international clients in a better way.This training in communication skills is play an important roll in BPO Training. The Accent Training provided by Saifia International creates a noticeable difference in the clarity and comprehendibility of the communication of the participants. English Accent Training is of particular importance in BPO Training, a direct impact of globalization. Saifia Voice & Accent Training programe in which the participant learnt English pronunciation is focused on eliminating the mother toungue influence and developing and neutral english