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Mr. M K Saifi is an eminent educationist and celebrated author. So far over a dozen of books have been published to his authorial credit. He also heads the group of institutes that has been established to provide finest of the training programmes: SAIFIA and U.E.W.A. (Regd.). Every year this chain of institutes imparts skills to thousands of students in various areas of learning. Mr. Saifi is also a renowned English trainer. Besides research and writing, he takes deep interest in teaching and training. Most of his previous books, which have been widely successful among English enthusiasts, were the result of his hands-on experience with the struggling students. He, through his institutes and books, has inspired and guided about 30,000 trainees and provided specialized training in the fields of C.C.T., E.S.C., S.R.T., E.T.T., and Personality Development. After years of research he recently visualized the need of a comprehensive learning package (T6) to train students in English language and personality development together. Woven around scientifically designed curriculum, this learning package aims at imparting skills in English Grammar, Vocabulary, Fluency Development, Drafting Skill, and Personality and Relationship Developments in a very short span of time.
T6 will not just help you gain good command over English, but also in building your personalities. It is engrained with the elements that will effectively pull you from the stage of a beginner to that of break-free fluency. And that too in a very short span of time! The books have been presented in a very lucid form. The language is kept simple and easy-to-understand, that even a beginner will not find any difficulty in using them. Step-by-step explanation has been given to guide you through the course smoothly and with ease. These self-study books are ideal to be used at home. They themselves are sufficient to help you learn English, easily and efficiently. With these books you will not ever need the help of a tutor. Just an hour a day with them will solve your all English issues.